Monocel Gold Exterior Clear Varnish

Australia’s own premium quality, Marine Grade finish for timber surfaces, providing the ultimate protection of your timber surfaces in an exterior environment. Monocel Gold is specifically designed with Australia’s harsh climate in mind and provides exceptional UV durability and colour retention.

6 Hours between coats

Minimun 3 Coats


500ml, 1L, 4L & 300g Aerosol

Satin & Gloss

Paint Brush, Roller, Sponge, Spray Gun


• Single pack Aliphatic Polyurethane
• Very good adhesion to substrate
• Excellent abrasion and yellowing resistance
• Very good chemical and solvent resistance
• Available in convenient aerosol pack

Ideal for:

  • Timber furniture
  • Timber panelling
  • Timber architraves
  • Plywood
  • MDF (sealed first)
  • Most dressed timber

Surface preparation is critical to the outcome and longevity of the surface finish. All surfaces to be coated with Monocel Varnish should be clean and dry, free from wax, oil, grease and other contaminants. Fine sanding with 240-grit sandpaper, rounding off all sharp edges and corners, then thoroughly dust prior to application. A tack rag is recommended for dusting.

All previous paint, varnish, shellac or lacquer must be totally removed and stripped back to bare timber before coating with Monocel Varnish. If the surface has been previously coated with Monocel Clear Timber Varnish, the surface should be sanded back lightly removing and lifted or cracked film and thoroughly cleaned before recoating.

Ensure adequate ventilation during use.

ALWAYS test the product on a small inconspicuous area or off-cuts first to ensure the product does not react adversely with surface and ensure the product is suitable for your specific requirements.


Stir varnish thoroughly before and during use using a broad, flat paddle in an upward motion. Insufficient mixing can result in whitening of the coat. DO NOT SHAKE the contents as shaking will produce air bubbles which may become transferred and trapped onto the area of application.

Proper penetration of the first coat is very important. Thin the sealer coat with 10-15% clean mineral turpentine and apply to all end grains and joints before fixing. Use a good quality, soft brush, applicator pad, roller or low-pressure spray over the surface. (low pressure spray may require dilution)

For large areas, a short nap mohair roller is recommended.

Allow 4 hours for the sealer coat to dry then fill any imperfections with a suitable coloured putty


Monocel Gold Exterior Clear is touch dry in approximately 4 hours at 25ºC and 50% humidity, a minimum of 6 hours drying should be allowed to properly dry through before sanding and recoating. Drying times are a guide only and longer drying times may be required in cooler or humid conditions.

Apply a further 2 coats for internal applications, or 3-4 undiluted coats if used externally. Allow at least 24 hours drying time between coats. Finely sand with 240- grit sandpaper before each coat ensuring you dust thoroughly.

Areas OF USE
  • Once the surface is prepared, apply wood stain if required, before finishing with the clear varnish.
  • Drying may take longer if the weather is cold or humid.
  • Testing a small inconspicuous area first is essential, due to the varied nature of wood & timber certain species have richer tannins builds, are softer or harder and various porosity /absorption rates
    • Do not use below 10º C, or above 30º C.
    • If spraying, coats can be thinned with 10-15% clean mineral turpentine to aid application.
    • To maintain the quality finish of Monocel Gold Exterior Clear Varnish light sanding and re-coating is ideally carried out annually – or as required if the surface is exposed to harsher abrasions.
    • Not suitable for flooring or areas exposed to foot traffic.
  • Good ambient temperatures will assist in the flow of Monocel Clear Timber Varnish. If conditions are warm, thinning additional coats with no more than 5% clean mineral turpentine will ease application.
  • Monocel Varnish is not suitable to be used in the application of tannin & oil rich timbers, cleaning the surface with oxalic acid or oil removing products may assist in removing the tannins, then a small test patch carried out to ensure proper penetration and adhesion is achieved.

Clean Up

  • Wash your equipment in mineral turpentine.
  • Rinse in fresh water with a drop of detergent.
  • Seal washings and unwanted leftovers and dispose of responsibly.


  • Store out of reach of children.
  • Skin: wash the area well with running water.
  • Eyes: flush the eye with running water for several minutes, contact your doctor.
  • Breathing: use in a well ventilated area; when spraying, use a suitable respirator.
  • Swallowed: drink water, do not induce vomiting and contact your doctor or the Poison Information Centre on 13 11 26




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