Follow along for a range of DIY projects along with hints and tips from industry leaders

How To Create a Vintage Tool Display
DIY specialist and professional furniture expert Natasha Dickins from Little Red Industries shows how to whip up a vintage-style display for all…
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Glue it with Bondcrete
  Bondcrete is a wood woodworking adhesive too, Bondcrete is so incredibly versatile as an adhesive that it offers several…
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Sealed for Good!
Why should you consider sealing a surface? Even though concrete is known for its strength and durability, applying a concrete…
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Rust? – Busted!
Ranex Rustbuster  is a fast-acting liquid treatment that is designed to convert rust on metal surfaces into a phosphate of…
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Bondcrete Sealer coat
  Bondcrete is a versatile product that can also be used as a sealer to protect and enhance various surfaces.…
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Bondcrete Concrete Additive
With a rich Australian heritage dating back to 1951, Bondcrete has established itself as a reliable option for all your…
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Build 1 DIY tray to use 3 ways!
DIY specialist and furniture maker Natasha Dickins from Little Red Industries is back to show how to make one basic…
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How to Make Your Own Terrazzo
    Jump into the trend of terrazzo homewares and furniture by making your own! DIY specialist Natasha Dickins from…
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How To DIY Pallet Bench Seat – Monocel & BondCrete
WHAT YOU’LL NEED Monocel Exterior Wood Varnish (Clear or Stain)   –   BondCrete   –   Pallet wood  …
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Restoring Rusted Weights With Ranex
RANEX WEIGHTS RESTORATION – HOW TO STEP 1. Start by removing any loose materials using a wire brush or…
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How to Frame a Stretched Canvas Artwork
How to Frame a Stretched Canvas Artwork Just pick up the timber moulding from a hardware store and follow the…
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