Betta Elastic Joint Band

The Gripset Betta Waterproofing System ensures the most critical areas are protected so the waterproofing application is successful, surviving the test of time. Waterproofing Corners take away the guess work at the most volatile areas, ensuring a quality watertight seal that accommodates movement in a variety of different waterproofing applications.

These corners are made from a unique grade of rubber, providing an elastic “flexible zone” that follows the line of the wall/floor junction, forming a rupture resistant seal at corner intersections.

5 Metre x 100mm Roll


  • Ensures a seamless elastic seal at joint intersections
  • Waterproof and a vapour barrier
  • Fast effective application
  • Enables 100% elastic recovery when exposed to movement
  • High strength and excellent tear resistance
  • Long term sealing protection at volatile areas
  • Eliminates lapping and bonding of fabrics at critical corner areas
  • Compatible and guaranteed with all Gripset Betta membranes


  • Wet areas, showers, laundries
  • Roofs, decks, balconies, podiums
  • Planter boxes, garden beds
  • Ponds, tanks, water features
  • Waterproofing corner intersections wherever Gripset Betta membranes are to be applied

Select the Gripset Betta membrane to be used for the waterproofing application. Surface must be clean, refer to instructions of the Gripset Betta membrane being used to ensure surface is correctly prepared.

Select correct Gripset Betta primer for the application and prime surface as per instructions on the primer label.


Once primer is dried, apply a liberal coat of the Gripset Betta membrane to the surface, ensuring enough membrane is applied to cover 100% of the rear corner profile. Note – Aim for a minimum 1.5 mm wet film of membrane to be applied to the surface.

Embed the corner profile into the wet membrane bed, ensuring the fabric edges of the corner are fully wetted into the membrane film. Using a flat spatula or brush, ensure all creases or air pockets behind fabric edges are pushed out. When applying, ensure enough wet membrane is applied behind the corner otherwise proper adhesion will not be achieved. Note – Corner must be bedded into a wet film of the membrane. Do not allow membrane to skin or dry before bedding corner in position. When applied, the corner should be tightly fitted into position, showing good adhesion to the surface.


Remove any excess membrane on the top surface of the corner by either brushing over the face of the corner or onto the surface.

Once this has been completed, Gripset Betta Elastic Joint Band is ready for installation.

Gripset Betta 270° Corner is available for outward facing profiles, e.g. corner intersections etc.

  • To be used with
    To ensure the job is carried correctly the products below are to be used as part of the guaranteed Gripset Betta Waterproofing System.

    • Gripset Betta Elastic Joint Band: For use as the system bond breaker and to waterproof perimeter wall/floor junctions.
    • Gripset Betta Waterproofing Sleeve: For use over pipes and penetrations to ensure a waterproof elastic seal is formed
    • Waterproofing Peel & Seal Tape: Designed for sealing and flashing over non porous surfaces to protect against moisture ingress, vibration and flexing.

    The Gripset Betta membranes below are all suitable for installing this product

    • Under Tile Membrane
    • Bitumen Rubber
    • Cemseal & Fix
    • Weather Seal




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