Ballistol is an extremely effective and versatile lubricant, with uniquely formulated properties offering its most outstanding feature “universality”. Ballistol can lubricate, clean, protect & preserve.

At the turn of the century the German Army began looking for a versatile oil to be used by soldiers in combat – a substance that could be used to clean and protect metallic rifle parts, to protect leather gear and wooden gun stocks – and even to disinfect minor cuts and scratches. The army turned to the Klever company. In 1904 the company succeeded in creating a new oil with amazing capabilities – called Ballistol, a combination of the word Ballistic and the Latin word for oil, “oleum”. The army tested the and approved this new “Ballistic Oil” and began using it in 1905.

Ballistol is biodegradable. Neither its use or disposal will pollute our precious water, it’s natural decomposition will not produce any byproducts that may be harmful to the environment and the aerosol does not contain any CFC’s – butane and propane are used as the propellants.

Ballistol is a versatile product for use inside and outside a vehicle. There are no equivalents in the marketplace that offer the same level of lubrication, cleaning and protection properties as Ballistol. Ballistol can be used to treat the plastic and leather dashboards; it contains UV protectants, which helps prevent intense sunlight from damaging your dashboard. Ballistol is an effective corrosion inhibitor. Use it on your battery posts and cable contacts to prevent corrosion cause by battery acid. Use Ballistol on all metallic parts to prevent corrosion. Use Ballistol to lubricate cables, and linkages. People and organisations that have used Ballistol and respect the environment and personal health have never gone back to inferior products.

200ml, 400ml Aerosols, 50ml Pump Pack and 500ml Pure Oil.

Ideal for:

  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Formica
  • Fibreglass


  • Rust Converter
  • Stain Remover
  • Cleans Tarnished Surfaces
  • Cleans Bore Stains and Tannins
  • Perfect for stainless steel, chrome, brass and copper

Ballistol works well on leather and wood. It prevents leather from becoming brittle and protects it against humidity. It will protect & preserve boots, belts, saddles, bridles, slings, holsters, seat covers & clothes made of leather, even in tropical & desert climates.

Leather that is frequently exposed to rain or high humidity will become hard and brittle, if not treated adequately. Ballistol will keep all smooth leathers soft. It effectively protects leather against the impact of water, insects and fungi. Its use is recommended for carrying slings, belts, scabbards, holsters, boots, saddles, bridles, baseball gloves, saddle bags and motorcycle clothes (Do Not use on suede). If properly processed, leather will contain acidic residues from tannic acid. Ballistol will form a permanent chemical compound with these residues within the leather which will make the leather virtually impermeable to water.


Ballistol is ideal for use on boats as a corrosion inhibitor. Use around the house, garden & car on anything that squeaks, binds or needs protection against corrosion.

Most normal corrosion inhibitors protect only against oxidation. This is done by covering up the surface to which they are applied acting like a paint or coating. That works fine, as long as lubrication is not also needed on the same part. Ballistol provides a combination of lubrication and corrosion protection and thus fights corrosion in a way which is not disruptive to lubrication. Ballistol will inhibit corrosion chemically, not mechanically as its alkalinity protects not only against oxidation but also against acidic corrosion, galvanic corrosion and salt water corrosion.

Metal Treatment

Cleans, protects & lubricates metallic surfaces. Forms protective film to prevent corrosion. Creeps into smallest openings. Dissolves rust & residues from unsuitable oils & greases. Frees rusty bolts. Keeps bores of firearms clean and true. Neutralises human hand sweat & acidic residues from propellent discharge especially black powder. Ideal for winterising boat, motorcycle and lawn mower motors. Cleans silver & brass. Maintains chrome plated parts. Safe for use in electrical installations.


Ideal for winterising boat, motorcycle and lawn mower motors. Cleans silver & brass. Maintains chrome plated parts.

Water in the carburettor constitutes the same problem as water in the fuel tank. Spray Ballistol into the carburettor, it will emulsify with the water, allowing the water to mix with the fuel and burn clean away.

Whenever an engine is exposed to a change from a higher to lower temperature, normally when a motor cools down from its operating temperature to environmental temperature, condensation water forms inside a motor. This condensation water dissolves the acidic residues from fuel combustion inside the motor, forming acids. It is these acids which can destroy a motor. In order to neutralize them an oil must meet two requirements: it must be alkaline and it must be emulsifiable with water. Ballistol meets both requirements.

When winterizing any motor, remove the spark plugs, fill approximately 1-2 fluid ounces of Ballistol into the openings and tap with a clean piece of Ballistol soaked cotton cloth. This will help keep your motor clean. When you re-start the motor, the Ballistol contained in the cylinders will burn away with residues and may produce white exhaust fumes for a short period of time.

Substances such as battery fluid are very corrosive agents. If it spills it can damage contacts, cables and other exposed metallic parts. Even its vapors can corrode electric connections located near a battery. Ballistol will neutralize acid spills chemically and protect contacts and cables.

Fishing Gear

Use to lubricate & protect athletic equipment, roller skates & blades, ski bindings & edges, wire-pulls or fishing reels (will not damage monofilament fishing line). Use to clean strings and fret boards of guitars and other string instruments.


Ideal for the re-lubrication of moving plastic parts in typewriters, electronic printers, cameras, printing calculators, precision scales, etc.

Use Ballistol for lubricating roller doors, door hinges, door locks, padlocks, sliding doors and windows.

Ballistol can be used to lubricate practically anything on and around cars, boats, motorcycles etc.. If it squeaks, if it binds – then Ballistol will stop it. Since Ballistol is not toxic and does not contain any carcinogenic substances, it is safe for use inside a car or boat, in areas where people might touch it. It becomes practically odorless approximately 20 minutes after application, so its smell will not be a nuisance to people traveling in a vehicle. You can lubricate practically any material with Ballistol. This amazing product can be used on all metals and all plastics.

Most lubricants do not mix with water. They separate from water and thus lose their capability to lubricate in the presence of water. This is not the case with Ballistol. It emulsifies with water and, therefore, is capable of lubricating in the presence of water. Ballistol can also be applied to things that are already wet, even soaked, including plastics, wood and leather.





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