Australian made since 1951, this versatile Bonding & Sealing agent has developed and improved for your building and renovating needs.

The result is one of the strongest high solids bonding agents on the market. Our exclusive resin additive ensures maximum bonding every time. It’s so strong there is little need to hack, chip or acid etch the surface before bonding.

250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 4L, 15L, 20L


  • Versatile bonding and sealing agent
  • No need to hack, chip or acid etch most surfaces before bonding
  • Concentrated high solid product, providing a high dilution ratio, ensuring users get value for money
  • Exclusive resin additive ensuring maximum bonding strength




  • Tiling
  • Adhesive for craft work
  • Patching of most surfaces
  • Sealing Concrete (Covered areas only)
  • Rendering surfaces
  • Most Cement Applications
Concrete Additive
  1. Stir well and dilute with water: 1 part BondCrete for every 10 parts water (the amount of water will depend on how much cement mix you’re making). Generally 1L of BondCrete is enough to make 20kg of cement.
  2. Add the BondCrete/water mix to prepared cement or sand and mix well. Use Immediately
  3. As normal, full cure will be 4 weeks.
Render Mix


  1. Apply sealer coat of BondCrete (BondCrete 1: water 4) allow to dry.
  2. Apply bondcoat of BondCrete (BondCrete 4: water 1) and while still wet or tacky carry out topping or patching.
  3. Use BondCrete admixture (BondCrete 1: water 10) in the topping/patching mixture in place of normal water.
Tiling Screed
  1. Apply sealer coat of diluted BondCrete (BondCrete 1: water 4) to surface and allow to dry.
  2. Apply bondcoat of diluted BondCrete (BondCrete 1: water 1) to sealed surface and while still wet or tacky lay bedding. Beddings up to 6mm – 1 part cement: 2 part fine sand Beddings over 6mm – 1 part cement: 3 part fine sand Mixed to a workable consistency with BondCrete admix (BondCrete 1:water 4) in place of normal water.
  3. Screed bedding to required level and bed the tiles immediately.

As BondCrete has a multitude of other uses, the above are some of the more common uses for Bondcrete

Woodworking Adhesive

Apply directly from the container to one surface only. Press surfaces together and lightly clamp. Bondall BondCrete sets in approximately 30 minutes.  Maximum strength is achieved after 24 hours. Can be used to bond wood, bricks, tiles and almost any porous material.

Concrete Primer/Sealer

One sealing coat of diluted Bondall BondCrete (BondCrete 1:Water 4) will provide an excellent sealer or key when applied to new or old cement rendered walls, plaster, etc. before using water-based decorative paints. Allow 24 hours to dry prior to painting with a Waterbased or Acrylic paint.

Areas OF USE
Concrete Floors & Walls
Sealing Slabs & Plasterboard
Furniture Construction
  • BondCrete is not recommended for use in permanently wet areas or areas that will be exposed to moisture unless it is mixed and used in cement or top-coated with a suitable paint.
  • Do no attempt to apply oil-based paints over Bondall BondCrete.
  • BondCrete is not suitable for bonding plastic, rubber, glass or other non-porous materials.
  • If applied neat: Bondall BondCrete sets in 30 minutes, maximum strength is achieved after 24 hours

  • Surface preparation is critical to the outcome and longevity of the surface finish. All surfaces to be treated with Bondcrete should be clean and dry, free from wax, oil, grease and other contaminants.
  • BondCrete does not have any waterproofing properties, for waterproofing applications, please refer to Bondall customer service for information, advice and guidance on selecting the correct wateroroofing products.

  • Gauging water is not an exact measurement, and is used as a pre-mix guide.




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