Your Ultimate Guide to Timber Stains, Oils and Finishes

Timber is an architectural and aesthetic feature, popular in both home interior and exterior designs. Simply installing timber is not enough, though, as you’ll need to maintain its brilliance with the right timber care products.

Read on for Bondall’s ultimate guide to timber stains, oils and finishes for your timber care.

Timber Stains

The right timber stain will bring fresh appeal and a beautiful, new look to weathered timber. Timber stains also protect from future wear and tear. Whether you have pale ash or rich, mahogany colours, the stain you choose will alter the look of your timber flooring.

Most interior stains are transparent, while exterior stains generally range from transparent, semi-transparent to opaque. Timber stains should only be applied on clean, bare wood.

Stains enhance the natural colour of the wood and provide a decorative finish. So, choose your timber stains carefully, with the best quality timber stains available, from a brand you can trust – Monocel. Monocel timber stains offer a unique finish, as it is both a stain and clear. Just keep in mind they’re for non-traffic surfaces only.


Timber Oils

Timber oils provide good protection from dirt and can be used for interior and exterior purposes. Monocel have a range of water-based and oil-based timber care products.


The benefits of oil-based stains:

  • Dries quicker,
  • Raises the grain less,
  • ‘Feeds the wood’ and
  • Prevents drying out or splitting.

Remember to sand and clean your surface before timber oil application.

For preservation, rich and easy-to-maintain finishes, check out Monocel’s Furniture Oil and Timber Bench Top Oil. Many exterior stains incorporate naturally occurring oils to nourish the timber as well. Monocel’s Decking Oil is a great choice for exterior timber decking.


Timber Finishes

The finishing touch of your timber will solidify and protect a job well done, so should be done correctly and with the Monocel range. Monocel’s range of timber finishes coat, protect and beautify your home’s timber. We recommend a water-based stain with a water-based clear coat.

The benefits of water-based timber products:

  • Produce less chemicals and less volatile organic compounds,
  • The timber will last longer
  • No need for brushes and rollers to be washed out in mineral turpentine.


What are Volatile Organic Compounds? (V.O.C)

This refers to the gas given off as the solvent-based stain dries. They’re ozone depleting, as well as linked to increasing health risks. This is why many companies and people are turning to water-based timber products.

Lastly, the final touch for your timber maintenance should be a sealant. Seal the freshly dried and maintained timber with a good-quality timber sealant.

Timber stains, oils, finishes and water-based timber care products all have their place in timber maintenance. What’s necessary is choosing the right products for your timber.

Timber is a marvellous home feature if cared for with the best timber care products on the market. For easy timber care maintenance, you can’t go past tried and trusted Monocel. For expert advice and your local, Australian supplier of Monocel – check out Bondall for your timber care products and home improvement help.

Want to learn more about timber care? Contact Bondall today to explore our Monocel premium timber care products and our DIY home improvement advice.