Work From Home – How to transform your home office to stay motivated

Working from home has many upsides, particularly when you are seeking a healthy life-work balance as well as the added bonus of not having to listen to your colleague, whom you have nothing in common with, talk about his/her weekend all week as if you missed out. No Frank, I do NOT want to spend my weekend at the speedway drinking bourbon with your footy mates…

But sometimes working in the comfort of your own home can sometimes get too comfortable, lethargy can set in, and motivation can dwindle. So how do you create a home office environment that keeps you on track so that you can do the work you need to do but also find time to watch game 7 of the NBA finals? Here are some tips to refit your home office to maximise your productivity and output.

First things first, let common sense prevail. If you put a TV in your home office, then you are obviously going to watch it. If you put a guitar in your home office, then you are obviously going to play it. And if you have a couch in your home office you’re going to sit on it and watch TV or play guitar. Minimise the distractions and fill your home office up with things you actually need. The home office is a great place to store items around your house that generally don’t have a dedicated location such as bookshelves, art and collectables from your travels. You want your office to be an environment of inspiration so display items of interest and beauty that stimulate your brain.

The same goes with hiding things that you don’t want to look at. This is where effective and considered storage comes in place. Choose storage shelves and desks that have clean lines and are effective in storing paperwork, printers, stationary and other bits and pieces that can create clutter. By organising and creating a place for everything you can better manage what you are doing and what you need by not spending time looking for a document you threw in a random draw four months ago. Try procuring items of furniture that have subtle curves or rounded edges as this helps soften spaces which will help stimulate your neurological receptors.

Other stimulates for the brain that will benefit your productivity are plants and light. Plants are great for cleaning the air, and adding points of interest to you work environment. Studies have proven that the presence of plants help with learning and output within standard work places. Try and choose plants that have soft leafy structures such as fiddle leaf figs and the fruit salad plant but avoid cacti and other spiky varieties. Make sure you have ample natural light for your plants to grow and situate your desk towards the window. By positioning yourself towards natural light over artificial, it will promote happiness within your brain aiding efficiency and output – it will also give you something to look out to when you need a quick visual break from the computer. Maximise the natural light by painting your walls with light/ bright colours so the room stays lighter for longer.

So there you have it, some quick, easy solutions to help you make the most of your home office so that you can stay productive for longer and get the most out of your work day without impacting on your day to day life.