Using PondTite Clear on Masonary Surfaces

Special Instructions:

Before using Bondall PondTite Clear, please follow these special instructions to ensure the surface area is prepared correctly. All other instructions are clearly outlined on the product label and must be carefully followed. The overall performance of this product relies on the correct preparation, application to high quality surfaces only and adherence to the instructions provided.

New concrete surfaces (e.g. sand/cement renders, concrete blocks, limestone, sandstone, bricks, fibre cement sheeting):

  • Allow 1 week curing for every 25mm of concrete.
  • Clean thoroughly to remove any laitance, which may effect the adhesion of PondTite Clear

Existing / mature masonry surfaces:

  • Remove any algal or fungal growth with Bondall Moss & Mould Eliminator.

Previously coated or painted surfaces:

  • Completely remove previous coatings right back to the original surface layer.

Moisture Test:

  • Prior to application of product please test surface for evidence of moisture. Cover surface with a small black plastic sheet and tape it down. Leave it in place for 24hrs before removing tape to check if any moisture is present on the underneath of the black plastic sheet. Presence of moisture will indicate rising damp, in such instance the preferred product for application will be the usage of Bondall’s PondTite colour range in conjunction with Bondall’s Epoxy Prep.


  • Bed in sand / cement mortar (Bondcrete recommended).

For questions or advice about the application of PondTite, please contact: Bondall Advisory Service Toll Free 1800 810 123 or (08) 9277 6844


  • Carefully prepare the surface area.
  • Ensure surface is free from any sharp edges or ‘dags’.
  • Ensure there is no presence of renewable moisture.
  • Fill any holes or cracks with a fine sand/cement mortar (Hydrocrete recommended), thoroughly worked into the area.
  • Clean thoroughly to ensure surface is free from dirt, dust, salts, grease, oil or other contaminants.
  • If uncertain of surface preparation requirements, surface conditions or surface suitability of product, please contact the bondall Advisory service on Toll Free 1800 810 123 or (08) 9277 6844.


  • Do not apply if temperature is below 10°C, if humidity is high or if rain is expected.
  • Stir PondTite Clear slowly with broad blade or paddle. Do not shake tin.
  • Use a medium to firm bristle, quality paintbrush.
  • Apply directly from tin as dilution is generally not necessary. In warm conditions, to aid application, dilute by no more than 5% using clean water.
  • Avoid excess build-up in corners ensuring no bubbles are left.
  • Allow first coat to dry overnight or longer if conditions are cold, damp or humid.
  • Apply second coat at right angles to first coat.
  • Allow at least 7 days drying time before filling with water.

Filling The pond:

  • Mix small amount of dishwashing liquid with clean water in a bucket.
  • Sponge surface with soapy water to remove any PondTite Clear residue.
  • Rinse pond thoroughly with fresh, clean water, removing all traces of detergent.
  • Fill pond with clean water and leave for 1-2 days.
  • Empty pond and refill with clean water again.
  • Before adding fish or plants, carefully follow water conditioning instructions from fish or aquaculture supplier.

Drying Time

Allow first coat to dry overnight or longer if conditions are cold, damp or humid. Allow at least 7 days drying time before filling with water.