Ultra-Modern Home Design Inspiration

Uncovering your own modern home style and knowing how to achieve it can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporating timber is a fantastic way to instantly change the look and feel of your entire home.

Today, we’re here to help with design inspiration by taking you through some of the timber elements used in two amazing spaces. The incredible home of a leading Australian designer and a modern Scandinavian-inspired apartment building.


Melbourne home of builder and developer Bear Agushi

The first home we’re going to walk you through is the Melbourne home of builder and developer Bear Agushi.

A triumph in scale, form, space and materials, ‘Huntingtower’ is a luxury three-storey, four-bedroom bespoke mansion strikingly positioned in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Armadale. 

One of the first things you will notice about this home, is the generous and bold use of materials and the dark and cosy feel this brings.

Here on the right, you can see the dark painted timber wall panels, which play contrast to the soft grey curtains, and light floors and furnishings. 

On the left, you again have the dark wood wall panels paired with light wood floors and furnishings, with the external timber panels and latticing peering through the floor to ceiling glass windows adding another layer of texture and depth. 

In this room above, you can see this dramatic and moody space come to life, thanks to the use of a variety of natural textures and intricate detailing through features such as internal and external timber wall panels, herringbone floorboards, concrete wall paneling, timber doors, and unique modern furnishings.

This staircase is perhaps the most spectacular part of the home. Wrapped in steel, the timber stairs are beautifully unique, sleek and really complete the home.

The bold and generous use of materials in this home is what makes it the modern masterpiece it is. Aside from that incredible staircase, the often dark, hard surfaces play in contrast to the soft grey drapes, pockets of white and pastel pink furnishings and the generous amount of natural light streaming in. There is a real sense of light and dark throughout this home, further adding depth and detail.


Hawthorn’s new Scandinavian-inspired apartments

Let’s now take a stroll through one of the Maple apartments in Hawthorn.

These new Scandinavian-inspired apartments are based on the idea of diversity, which is why the design of the interior and the building’s exterior was kept simple, yet interesting –  an approach that would allow residents to tailor and mould their home to correlate with their individual needs, tastes and desires.

This apartment, too, utilises a lot of glass to bring in natural light and create a sense of space and comfort.  You will note that this home has a much lighter feel, with the light timber floors, white walls, and concrete ceilings acting as the perfect blank canvas. 

The whitewash timber look has been utilised on the kitchen cabinetry and is beautifully complemented by a sleek white marble benchtop. These light elements pair effortlessly with the neutral-toned timber flooring and ceiling, with black finishings and pops of organic colour providing interest without being overpowering.


Which do you prefer? 

Both homes are stunning and unique in the way they have created mood and interest through the clever use of timber. 

The first home we walked through is a dramatic and moody space created by the clever use of dark wood, a variety of textures, and intricate detailing through features such as the timber wall panels and the striking timber staircase.

The second, Scandinavian-inspired home, has created a bright, modern and welcoming space through the use of light wood and minimal furnishings.

No matter your style, we hope these beautiful modern homes have inspired you to think about the role timber can play in your home.

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