What is Waterbased TURPS

Bondall Waterbased Turps is a revolutionary water based alternative to White Spirit, Turpentine Substitute and Brush Cleaner. Due to the minimal solvent content, Waterbased Turps is safer for the user and to the environment. The mix of high tech components are all readily biodegradable.

Waterbased Turps can be used to clean both oil and water based paints from brushes, rollers and paint pads. Containing a specialised conditioning agent, paint implements are left feeling soft and supple. Waterbased Turps may also be used to remove paint spills from hard surfaces such as worktops, laminate flooring, glass, etc, as well as from textiles such as clothing and carpets. It also makes an excellent degreasing fluid for removing oil and grease from tools. In tests, users stated there was no difference in cleaning qualities between White Spirit and Waterbased Turps, and when removing paint from textiles, they thought Waterbased Turps performed better.

Waterbased Turps is virtually odourless. Normal paint solvents usually have a very strong hydrocarbon smell that most users dislike, especially when using in confined areas. This means when painting internally, there is no requirement to open windows and doors as when using White Spirit, etc.

Waterbased Turps is classified as non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive, resulting in a product that is much safer to use. This also means that it carries none of the label warnings of other paint solvents. There is no restriction on the sale of Waterbased Turps and no need for the usual storage precautions associated with White Spirit, etc.


  • Waterbased, Low Odour, Non-Toxic &Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable, No harmful chemicals,
  • Easy to store -Easy to dispose of.
  • Non-flammable No limitations


Cleaning Brushes, Rollers & Paint Pads:

Remove as much paint as possible using a cloth or newspaper. Pour out enough turps to submerge the paint on the item (brush, roller or pad) in a large container.

Dip brush, roller or pad in to the solution and work in thoroughly. Remove from the container and use a cloth to work the solution in further. Repeat the above if necessary.

Rinse out in clean water and dry/

NOTE: Heavily coated items may require additional time or waterbased turps.

           Fast drying paint may require soaking first.

           Not suitable for thinning

Cleaning Spills from hard surfaces:

Absorb as much paint as possible using a cloth or paper towel. Pour a generous amount of turps on a clean cloth or paper towel and wipe the surface until all the paint has been removed. Rinse with clean water & dry.

Cleaning Spills from textiles:

Test a small patch first for colour fastness. Absorb as much paint as possible first. Splash a generous amount of turps waterbased directly onto the affected area dab then rub vigorously with non abrasive cloth or rag until paint has been removed. Rinse or wash with clean water. Can also be used for cleaning small spills from carpets.


What can I use Waterbased Turps for?

Waterbased Turps can be used to clean both water and most oil based paints from brushes, rollers and paint pads. It also contains a special conditioning agent that leaves painting tools soft, supple and just like new. Excellent to clean paint spills from surfaces such as worktops, laminate flooring, most textiles & glass as well as for removing paint spills from carpets.

Will Waterbased Turps work on all oil based paints?

Waterbased Turps will work on all well known oil based paints but on certain occasions the cleaning process may have to be repeated more than once to efficiently clean the paint off. If on the first attempt the solution does not change colour then a solvent based cleaner should be used. In these circumstances a single follow up application of Waterbased Turps will condition the implement for future use.

How does Waterbased Turps compare with solvent based cleaners?

When it is suitable to use Waterbased Turps, it will clean more effectively than solvent based cleaners, is safer and friendlier to use.

Is Waterbased Turps safer to use than standard White Spirit?

Yes. Traditional solvent cleaning products such as White Spirit are generally flammable. Waterbased Turps is a non-flammable product with no storage restrictions. The majority of solvent based cleaners on sale are classified as hazardous and in most cases can cause serious internal and external damage to humans. The reduced amount of toxins in Waterbased Turps benefit everyone, including those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Is Waterbased Turps safe to use around animals?

Yes. Waterbased Turps is no more harmful than washing up liquid.

Can I thin oil based paint with Waterbased Turps?

This is not recommended. Although Waterbased Turps will thin oil based paint it can affect the drying time. The manufacturer recommended product should always be used for thinning oil based paints.

Is Waterbased Turps safer for the environment than White Spirit?

Yes. This is one of the key factors of Waterbased Turps. The main environmental impact of the majority of cleaning solvents such as White Spirit is the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the atmosphere, which contributes to lower level atmospheric pollution. The VOC content of White Spirit is generally around 800g per litre. Waterbased Turps has LOW VOC properties and is therefore less damaging to the environment than traditional White Spirit. In addition to this, the majority of users pour used White Spirit down a domestic sink which causes problems in the environment because of the poor biodegradability of such products. All the ingredients of Waterbased Turps are readily biodegradable and therefore less damaging to the environment.

How do I dispose of used Waterbased Turps?

All the ingredients within Waterbased Turps are readily biodegradable and therefore are no more dangerous to the environment than washing up liquid. For household use the used Waterbased Turps can be flushed down the sink. This is not a recommended practice for industrial use and the instructions contained within the Safety Data Sheet for waste disposal should be followed.

On the label is says “pour a quantity of Waterbased Turps into a generous sized container”. What is meant by a generous sized container?

A container sufficiently large enough to allow the painting implement to be worked in the solution. Because of Waterbased Turps’ non aggressive properties you can use plastic, metal or glass, unlike most solvent cleaners, , the plastic will not be affected by the product.

Do I have to clean my paint brushes immediately after use?

In line with most paint manufacturers to obtain the best results we recommend that painting tools are cleaned immediately after use. If however on large jobs you are intending to use the brush with the same paint the following day provided you remove the excess paint and wrap the brush in cling film Waterbased Turps will effectively clean the brush following the next days use.