Bondall Polyweave is a spun laced fabric, textile material composed of staple fibres entangled to form a strong reinforcing fabric. Designed to be used with Bondall AquaTite, PondTite, Water Based Bitumen Membrane or flexible waterproofing membranes.

Australian Made
Available sizes: 10m x 100mm
AquaTite Sealer
AquaTite has been engineered as a high performing flexible waterproofing membrane.
Bondall PondTite
PondTite is the perfect solution for waterproofing outdoor masonry surfaces.
Bondall ShowerTite
ShowerTite will waterproof tiles and grout without a slippery film coating.
Waterbased Bitumen Membrane is a membrane providing flexibility & strength.
AquaTite Kit
Waterproofing Application Kit contains all the tools to apply a waterproofing membrane.
Bondall PondTite Clear
PondTite Clear is a waterproof coating for water bearing outdoor masonry surfaces.
Bondall Aquaputty
AquaPutty is a quick-set waterproofing putty that can be used in a variety of applications.
Polyweave is a reinforcing fabric designed for use with flexible waterproofing membranes.
Bondall Multi Surface Waterproofer
Bondall Multi Surface Waterproofer is an effective, all purpose transparent water repellent that penetrates to form a barrier to prevent water damage.
Thompson's Water Seal
Thompson's Water Seal is a transparent, solvent based water repellant that is designed to penetrate dry, porous, exterior substrates to prevent ingress of moisture.
Thompson's Water Seal Ultra
Thompson's Water Seal Ultra is a unique high performance transparent water repellant that penetrates to seal exterior brickwork and cementitious substrates.
BondCrete In Ground Timber Protector is a non hazardous ‘creosote alternative’

Features & Benefits

  • Strong reinforcing fabric
  • Wets Up Easily
  • Resistant to Water
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Multi Directional
  • Resistant to Rot

Ideal For

  • Perfect for waterproofing shower recess corner joints
  • Designed to be used with Bondall's waterproofing membranes:
    • AquaTite
    • PondTite and
    • Waterbased Bitumen Membrane