Tips to safely revive old wood furniture

Whether you have a tired but sentimental piece or you want to upcycle a bargain find, you can restore wooden furniture, with some simple DIY furniture hacks. 

Start with a good clean
Before you do anything, ensure you give your piece of furniture a good clean with a damp cloth. Allow the furniture to dry before you continue. Keep a damp cloth handy – you’ll need it to wipe down the dust from sanding. 

Use a coarse sandpaper to remove any old varnish – and be sure to wipe the furniture down as you go to remove the dust that you create. It is usually recommended that you then switch to a finer sandpaper for a smooth finish.

Once the furniture has been sanded and all dust has been wiped off, you can apply two coats of varnish (doing a light sand between coats). Monocel Waterbased Clear Wood Varnish is an ideal product to use for both interior or undercover exterior wood. A varnish like this provides protection against knocks and abrasions so your furniture looks good for longer.

Taking care of your wood furniture
Once you have gone to the effort to restore wood furniture (or if you have invested in a new piece) it is important to take care of it to keep it looking great. Proper care is the best DIY furniture hack of them all! There are some great products to make that easy, such as Monocel Gold Clear Timber Varnish to preserve the colour and texture of interior and exterior timber surfaces and the Monocel Furniture Oil to keep outdoor timber furniture looking great. Check out the range of Monocel timber care products: