Tips for a Timeless Reno

Renovate for your forever home, not your whatever home. Renovating a home takes time and money – so getting it right is crucial. Find out the best renovation practices on design, functionality and trends, and get the style nailed on the first try!


Nailing a great design is hard work but it will keep your home ageless for years to come. Design is all subjective and it needs to work for you. However if your goal is to keep your home timeless, we’ve got some general rules for you to follow.

Stay Neutral with Hardware

Permanent fixtures such as tapware, and cabinetry can be costly to replace if they’re picked based on a trend. To avoid unforeseen costs, choose neutral colour hardware.  Neutral colours include:

stainless steel, white, black and chrome black.

Functional Cabinetry is Always a Winner  

It’s easy to get caught up in a fancy cabinetry design with the latest tech and funky colours. But technology and colour trends change quickly, and you’ll be left with an expensive dated design. Instead opt for functional cabinetry, that is multipurpose and can be adjusted for convenience.

Tip: More storage is always a winner!

Ditch the Graphic Tiles
Much like colour, graphic tiles can be the fastest way to date a design. Graphic tiles are often a statement piece, so opt for a neutral design. If you want to add a splash of colour, or pattern – use it wisely and in moderation. Ask yourself: Will this design appeal to me in 10 years time?


Design is irrelevant if you can’t live and store things in your home. Check out our functionality tips to avoid a costly fix in the future.


Similar to tapware it’s tempting to go for trendy hardware, but it’s the first thing to date a room. Opt for classic lighting solutions – be practical and have the long term vision in mind.

For example: Install lighting above a mirror to allow people to apply their makeup evenly.

A lighting plan should be functional, and provide light where the homeowner would need it most. Don’t plan for the design, rather design for practical use.


Cabinetry should be designed for functional and practical purposes. Colour and pattern is the easiest way to date cabinetry. Opt for more storage, and a design that is easy to change in the future. For example: adjustable shelves.


Trends are what they imply, just a trend. Materials, colour and patterns can be in fashion one minute, and out of mind the next.


Colour trends come and go. Where possible, always opt for neutral colours like white, grey, taupe, black, beige and ivory.

If you’re a colour fiend – that’s perfectly okay! We suggest using bright colours sparingly – with a feature wall rather than full painted room in the colour.


Similar to colour in paint jobs – don’t have a pattern wallpaper covering the entire room. Not only are wallpapers a pain to put on and take off, they also date a room very quickly. For a timeless reno keep all patterns off the walls, and in your soft furnishings instead. Furnishings such as pillows, vases and artwork can brighten up a neutrally painted room, but they can also be swapped out cheaply.


Technology is rapidly changing. Think about how often you replace your phone – every year, maybe every three years? Now reconsider building technology into your home. Not only is tech expensive, it’s also expensive to install and swap out. Keep all your tech portable, and stick to technology that is practical to your needs – and not for the sake of having it!

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