Betta Tilecare MouldRid is a very effective remover of moss and mould from kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas. It does not contain chlorine.

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Available sizes: 750ml spray.
Betta Tilecare Tile & Grout Sealer waterproofs tiles and grout without a slippery film coating.
Betta Tilecare Slate Sealer is a clear coating for slate, natural stone and various quarry tiles.
Betta Tilecare Shower Sealer is a clear penetrating solution that waterproofs tiles & grout without a slippery film coating.
Betta Tilecare Natural Look Sealer is a revolutionary penetrating and film forming water based sealer.
Betta Tilecare Tileguard Tile & Grout Cleaner is a powerful, ready to use, fast working cleaner.
Betta Tilecare Mould Rid removes of moss and mould from wet areas.
Betta Tilecare Tile & Grout Sealer - 300g waterproofs tiles and grout via an Aerosol spray.


Ensure surface is free of dust and loose material before cleaning with Mould Rid.


Apply Mould Rid to the entire surface, not just to visible areas as some spores may still be present.


Mould Rid should be left on the surface for 24 hours before washing down with clean water.

This application should be allowed to dry completely before commencement of any sealing.

Features & Benefits

  • Kills Mould & Mildew

Ideal For

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • and laundry areas

Areas Of Use

Bondall MouldRid


Apply: Spray
Coverage: 1L = 3-4m2
Apply: 1 Coat
Drying Time: Leave on surface for 24hrs


  • Always test on a small inconspicuous area, to ensure the product achieves the desired result, prior to applying to the entire area.
  • If applying Mould Rid near lawns and gardens, be careful not to splash onto plants. Should this happen, rinse thoroughly with water to neutralize Mould Rid.
  • Coverage is 3-4 square metres per litre depending on the porosity and texture of substrate.

Clean - Up

Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3!



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