The Winter Room

The Australian winter can occasionally be grey, dreary and bitterly cold – much like an English summer. However, the sun does shine and we often don’t take advantage of it, shunning away from the outdoors and hibernating inside with a hot chocolate. With such a harsh summer sun we should be enjoying every opportunity to sit outside during winter and get that vitamin D without getting sunstroke. Here are some tips to get your outside spaces prepped and ready to take full advantage of our wonderful winter weather.

Plant deciduous trees

I’m a huge fan of native plant varieties for their resilience, hardiness and stunning foliage and flora. However, Australian native are mostly evergreen meaning they will block out that warm winter sun and keep the cold in. So why not plant hardy deciduous species such as Chinese Tallow, Gingko Biloba and Liquid Ambers. Each of which has stunning autumnal foliage that will really make a feature of your landscape and will let the light in. Additionally, you could add some winter fruiting plants in smaller containers or half wine barrels such as the dwarf citrus varieties with herbaceous understory planting and enjoy the winter produce.

Get a deck

If you haven’t a deck in your garden, get one! A fantastic addition to any landscape the deck is easy to clean, water falls straight down the spaces in the boards and it warms quickly in the sun as opposed to pavers or travertine. Try even adding furniture or pot plants on the deck to establish a lovely warm and inviting space – outdoor couches, hammocks a dining table and chairs or even those potted citrus varieties. To get the most out of your deck and to ensure it lasts the ages make sure you use an Australian timber sealant, such as Bondall’s ‘Monocel’, which is the best product on the market.

Make Sunday BBQ’s a regular

Make a point of cooking outside so yourself, family and friends can all enjoy the delights of an Aussie BBQ winter style. There is some amazing produce available during the winter months and what better way to celebrate the winter yields than by having a BBQ. Whether it be lamb cutlets, steaks or chargrilled vegies, the BBQ delivers every time