The Biggest DIY Tiling Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Some people like baking, others enjoy gardening – while you’ve decided that DIY home projects might be your thing. Perhaps there’s a home bathroom or laundry renovation you want to launch yourself into. The look and feel of tiles can really transform the blandest of rooms in a house into something special.

Before you try your hand at DIY tiling though, you should know about the most common tiling mistakes and how to avoid them.

Preparation Mistakes

Fail to prepare or prepare to fail. Keep these considerations in mind before embarking on a tiling project.

Forgetting that DIY takes time

Not cleaning the work surface, removing wallpaper or sanding wood are silly tiling shortcuts that will cost you down the track.

Not buying enough tiles

I bet you haven’t factored in scrambling around hardware stores for tiles into your planning? When installing, moving and setting tiles, there will be casualties (just the tiles). With broken tiles, miscalculations and cutting difficulties to account for, you’ll need to order more than just the right amount. Plan for at least 10-15% tile wastage.

An incorrect set out

Avoid mismatched tile placements and set out the floor or wall by measuring them and drawing a horizontal and vertical reference line on the to-be tiled area.

Not considering the overall design

Choose your tiles in relation to your overall household’s theme. Colours and styles of fittings and fixtures in the room should also be a big factor in choosing the tile colour and style.

Insufficient planning is arguably the biggest overall tiling mistake, but the easiest to avoid.


Product & Process Mistakes

Once you’ve planned your project, you’ll need to outline your process and products to use. Don’t make these mistakes!

Forgetting your battens

Battens? They’re the thin wooden rods that ensure level and equally-spaced tiles.

Not using the right adhesive

Don’t overlook the adhesive you use, especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms.

Not using a sealant

Are you asking for trouble? This is not something you can skip!

Dotting your corners

While some believe adding dots to tile corners will achieve a stronger bond, in reality it will shrink and increase the chance of cracks.

Not removing excess grout

Protruding grout is an eye sore. Luckily, it’s easy to fix.

Not knowing the maintenance requirements for your tiles

For example natural stone like marble require sealing and extra care, while larger tiles generally require less scrubbing and maintenance.

Aftercare Mistakes

After the tiling is done, it’s time to practice patience, my friend. Avoid these aftercare mistakes.

Rushing your tiling

Slow down, measure twice and cut once. DIY tiling is not for the impatient. It’s like watching paint (or glue) dry.

Grouting too quickly or unevenly

Wait a minimum of 24 hours after setting the tiles before you grout them, and grout small areas with a squeegee.

The right preparations, process, paired with some enthusiasm and patience will get your DIY tiling project going. Bondall are the Perth experts in DIY products for your home. With a range of tiling products and expertise, we’ll have you completing your own DIY tiling task in no time.

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