The beachy coastal home design trend and how to get it

Have you dreamed of living by the beach, but that coastal dream house has always been beyond your budget? How about the next best thing?

In this article, we’ll explore how you can bring the coast into your home. 

The beachy coastal home design trend

With Australia’s love of the beach, it should come as no surprise that the coastal-inspired theme is one of the fastest growing interior design styles. The good news is you don’t have to live close to the beach to incorporate it in your own home.

So what elements can you introduce to beach-ify your home?


When re-styling your home, the thing that can often make the biggest impact is colour. 

Much like the beach itself, coastal style homes tend to be light and bright with a relaxed vibe about them. 

First consider your home’s backdrop – the walls and ceilings. Ideally you want to keep things as neutral as possible with shades of white, cream or soft beige or grey. You can then add texture and warmth through light wood finishings, and interest by introducing blue hues through decor such as wall hangings, cushions, and more.

By steering clear of bold colours and bringing in light and calming tones that reflect the seaside, you can instantly inject a little coastal style into your home.


Through your furniture choices you can really amp up the beachside vibes.

Think rustic, distressed wood, sandy tones, white washed, or neutral tones and big comfy couches strewn with cushions that echo the casual, relaxation you’d expect at the beach.

Don’t forget the outdoors when it comes to the furniture either.


Another important piece for your new coastal home design is of course your floors.

Natural light wood floors, perhaps even white-washed, really complement this coastal feel. Or if you’d prefer tiles or carpets, opt for something lighter toned to maintain that bright feel.

You don’t have to rip out your carpets or change your flooring to get this look either. Try adding some rugs into the mix. Think organic, natural colour tones and materials that add comfort and style.


Small and inexpensive additions to your home such as homewares can really make all the difference to your overall design, look and feel.

Picture beautiful beach prints hanging from the walls, indoor plants, woven baskets, candles, coral or driftwood sculptures. All this can add that little bit of the beach into your home without the need to redecorate completely or spend a fortune whilst doing so.


When we talk about space, we don’t mean adding space onto your home. We mean creating more by removing some of the clutter. They say a cluttered space can make a cluttered mind, so it’s not something that ties into the relaxed vibes of coastal home design.

Remove (donate, sell or store) any unnecessary items to create a clutter free environment that is relaxing and inviting. Just make sure you still have space to put everything… There’s nothing worse than decluttering and creating a beautiful minimal space only to find you can’t keep it that way day to day. 


These are just some of the elements you may want to think about when redesigning your home in a ‘beachy coastal design’.

With these design and styling tips, you’ll feel like you are living the dream in no time… Now, there’s nothing else to do but relax and enjoy, just like you would if you were on the beach.


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