Stress Free Christmas

Christmas, what a wonderful time of year to relax, reflect and reminisce about the year that was and the new year on the horizon. Sorry did I say relax? Maybe its time to reflect and reminisce about last years Christmas where your associated family intrude on your humble abode carrying an avalanche of dishes and drinks ready to spill and splatter on your belongings!!! Not to mention the unappreciated remarks and comments from the in-laws for that one item in your house that isn’t perfect (like theirs is) because no, you’re not retired and in-between managing a full-time job had to desperately try and fit in Christmas shopping, cooking, cleaning and all those little fix-ups around the house. I’m getting stressed just writing this!

It’s time to avoid the stress, and I’m not talking buying a Crisco Christmas hamper, I’m talking about protecting your furniture and surfaces from food, drinks and even snide remarks by using a vast range of sealers and varnishing’s from Bondall. Not only will these products protect your beloved items they will also generate easy to clean surfaces and enhance the unique tones, hues and colouration of each piece.

For timber surfaces such as tables, benches and the like try using Monocel Timber Bench Oil which incorporates a natural Tung oil to revitalize, nourish and water-proof interior timber surfaces. The product composition is based on traditional oil templates and penetrates deeply into the surface leaving an easy to maintain finish that is food safe. You will now be able to relax as your father in law becomes increasingly merry and opens your aged bottle of red wine or port that you are saving for a special occasion (so special in fact your in-laws won’t be in it) only to spill it on everything except himself.

For those who are entertaining outdoors spruce up your ‘room outside’ by trialling the extensive catalogue that Bondall has on offer for outdoor benches, tables and even decks. The Australian summer sun can be harsh, but don’t worry the Bondall family have you covered with their nanozinc technology that basically provides sunscreen for your outdoor timber products. You can check out the range of products by visiting or go to your nearest Bunnings and Mitre 10 where their friendly staff will be able to assist you further.

At the end of the day, Christmas is about PRESENTS! But it’s also about celebrating with your loved ones no matter how annoying they may be. So stay stress-free, protect yourself and your household items and homewares and have an enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year!