Preparation of special substrates before using Thompson’s Water Seal

Concrete Curing mixed concrete should be laid by standard procedures and tamped down leaving an even but fairly rough surface.

In cool, calm weather conditions the concrete surface should be smoothed down with a float to produce a satisfactory finish. A spray coat of Thompson’s Water seal should then be applied to the entire surface whilst the concrete is still wet. The concrete should then be allowed to dry.

When hot/windy weather conditions prevail a two stage procedure involving the use of Thompson’s Water seal is recommended. After the concrete has been tamped down to provide a rough but fairly even finish a spray coating of Thompson’s Water seal is applied and trowelled in the surface which is then smoothed down. This helps prevent cracking and checking (crazing) of the concrete. it also penetrates deep into the surface and helps control the evaporation rate of water. A second spray coat of Thompson’s Water seal is then applied and the concrete allowed to dry.

When used as a concrete hardening agent Thompson’s Water seal should be applied at a rate of 1 litre per 5 square metres.