Out with the old and in with the new: 3 Ways to revamp an old kitchen

Your kitchen is often the lifeblood of your house – its where our fave comfort meals are created; meaningful conversations are had, and quality time with loved ones are shared.

It makes sense that you want your kitchen to be a stylish, functional centre point of your home.

And often when you get into a new place, an outdated kitchen is the first thing you want to rip out and replace.

You could end up spending thousands in renovations, but depending on how dated things are, some simple updates may make all the difference.

Read on to find out the latest from Bondall for the best DIY methods and products to revamp your old kitchen.

Add colour to an old kitchen

Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint makes a whole lot of difference to a tired, old kitchen. Dated cabinet colourings of yesteryear (yes, we’re talking about antique styles that aren’t back in fashion yet) can bring an unpleasant feel to your kitchen.

Here’s what you’ll need to brighten up your kitchen:

Bondall’s range of water-based paint and varnish strippers are ideal for both the amateur and professional DIYers. Great for wooden cabinets, metal, glass, plaster and concrete, it’s the best product to help you start from scratch in your kitchen revamp. 

Remove the doors from your cabinets, take off or tape any handles, then strip off existing colour, sand down and prep all surfaces. Now you can start painting the doors and cabinetry with your new colours.

Whether you’re after neutral tones to add a cool, sophisticated theme to your kitchen, or bright colours to create more of a wow factor, a fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective DIY solution for updating the look of your kitchen.

Resurface old kitchen cabinets

When a fresh coat of paint isn’t going to hide the scratches, dings and dents of an old kitchen, it’s time to consider resurfacing your kitchen cupboards.

Good news! As a DIYer, you STILL don’t have to spend a fortune on kitchen improvements. ‘Gut and replace’ isn’t the only option for an old kitchen, because you’ll save big bucks on resurfacing the ones you already have.

The Bondall Monocel range has all your timber care sorted, whether it’s:

  • Varnishing
  • Sealing
  • Oiling
  • Coating or finishing

Take care of the wood in your kitchen with Monocel and Bondall Bondcrete, an extremely versatile bonding and sealing agent for the DIY kitchen revamp.

Clean old kitchen tiles

In an old kitchen, the design and state of your splashback tiles can make the whole room appear drab, dirty and displeasing. But don’t give up on it just yet.

Before you gut and re-tile, why not see how they sparkle when properly cleaned? Betta Tilecare have a dedicated range of sealers and cleaners to produce dazzling tiles.

With Betta Tilecare, your old kitchen tiles can be:

  • Waterproofed,
  • Sealed with ease, and
  • Safeguarded against mould and grout build-up.


Make old tiles shine again with trusted DIY products from Bondall and Betta Tilecare.

And there you have it. You might not have to spend a fortune on revamping an old kitchen. Some colour, cabinet resurfacing and tile deep-cleaning is the cost-effective way to turn an old kitchen from drab to fab.

From a professional renovator to the DIY beginner, Bondall’s range of products is the quality choice in the building and renovating industry. Get the job done and get it done well with a little help from your friends at Bondall.Need help with kitchen renovations? Contact Bondall today to see our range of tried-and-tested DIY products for home improvements.