Stain & Varnish - 300g Aerosol

Bondall Monocel Stain and Varnish - 300g Aerosol is a combined timber stain and varnish for use on most woodwork, timber furniture, and timber panelling. Monocel Stain & Varnish features advanced nanoZ™ technology (Invisible Zinc) - a unique ingredient which helps protect against UV-light exposure, to enhance the durability and gloss retention of interior and exterior timber. For extra protection on furniture and woodwork, overcoat with Monocel Clear Timber Varnish or Monocel Gold for a marine grade finish.
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Stain & Varnish
Available sizes: 300g Aerosol - also available in 250ml, 500ml, & 1L
Monocel Gold Exterior Clear is a marine grade clear finish for timber.
Monocel Gold Stain & Varnish is a marine grade timber finish combining a stain and varnish.
Monocel Clear Wood Varnish is a durable single pack clear varnish for timber.
Monocel Stain & Varnish is a combined timber stain and varnish.
Monocel Waterbased Clear Wood Varnish is a low odour, fast drying timber varnish.
Monocel Furniture Oil is designed for preserving outdoor timber furniture.
Monocel Timber Bench Top Oil provides a rich, easy to maintain finish.
Monocel All Purpose Timber Sealer
Monocel All Purpose Timber Sealer is a revolutionary penetrating sealer.
Monocel Gold Clear Timber Varnish - 300g Aerosol is a marine grade clear finish for timber.
Monocel Clear Timber Varnish 300g Aerosol is a durable clear varnish for timber.
Monocel Stain & Varnish - 300g Aerosol is a combined timber stain and varnish.
Monocel Decking Oil naturally pigmented enriching oil finish for timber decking.
Monocel In Ground Wood Protector is a non-hazardous creosote alternative.


Carefully clean and prepare all surfaces, fine sanding and rounding off sharp edges as necessary.

Remove all previous paint, varnish, shellac or lacquer and wipe the surface clean of dust. Stir often during application to ensure an even coat.


MonGold_SNV_300Spray_Blank_140219_pdfShake the can for one full minute after you hear the pellet rattling.

Adjust the fan jet as necessary - keeping the can vertical (see illustration). Keep the can approx. 25cm from the surface at all times while spraying.

Spray with slow, even strokes, beginning and ending each stroke beyond the surface being coated.

The first application is a sealer coat. Leave this coat to dry for 4 hours, fill any imperfections and then leave to dry fully for 24 hours before applying further coats.


Allow 24 hours drying time between each coat.

3-4 coats are needed for maximum protection, however you can use Monocel Clear Timber Varnish for the final coats if you’re happy with the stained colour before the minimum coats are achieved. A light sanding between coats is recommended with 240-grit sandpaper. Remove any dust before recoating.

Features & Benefits

  • Single pack stain and varnish
  • Easy to use
  • Contains nanoZ™ Transparent Zinc Oxide for superior protection against harmful UV degradation

Ideal For

  • Plywood
  • Timber furniture
  • Timber panelling
  • Timber architraves
  • Most dressed timber surfaces








Baltic Pine Baltic Pine

Areas Of Use

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Toughness of Finish

Gloss Level

Coverage: 300g Can = approx. 2.2m2
Apply: Min 3 Coats
Drying Time: 24 hours


  • A wood stain can be applied after preparing the surface if required.
  • Drying may take longer if the weather is cold or humid.
  • This can will cover approximately 2.2square metres, depending on texture and porosity of surface.
  • Keying back with a scourer pad is ideal.
  • Suitable for plywood, outdoor furniture, timber panelling, architraves, marine trim and most other timber surfaces, but is not recommended for use on rough sawn timbers.

Clean - Up

Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3!



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