Make a DIY Wooden Phone Stand in 6 easy steps

Phone stands are a handy little fixture for your workspace. This cute work-of-art keeps your phone out of reach when you’re hard at work, but still remains visible and in its own designated area.

This stand also comes in handy if you need to make a video call, charge your phone, or just like to keep your desk space looking tidy and cute.

Today we share how to create your very own wooden phone stand with the best DIY products. Thanks to DIY expert Kirstie Lynn for the inspo! You can check out her full instructions here.

Step one: Choose your wood

A durable and attractive phone stand calls for a durable and attractive material. That’s why we have chosen timber for the job. 

You can pick any wood you like, really. If you have any small offcuts, this project is a great way to ensure they don’t go to waste!


Step two: Measure and chop your wood

The size of your phone stand will, of course, depend on the size of your phone.

For example, an iPhone X is 5.65 inches x 2.79 inches x 0.30 inches. While a Galaxy S10 is 5.9 x 2.77 x 0.3 inches. 

Measure your phone then measure and chop a small block of wood to suit. It should be wide enough to hold your phone horizontally (with space either side). Just make sure you don’t make your DIY phone stand too much of a snug fit.

New phones are released all the time, and sizes tend to fluctuate. These days, the newer are phones are fairly large so we suggest allowing some room in case you upgrade to a bigger model.


Step three: Let’s get groovy!

Cut your groove (this is where the phone will sit) with a table saw. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with a table saw, ask a professional DIY expert to help.

Cut a deep groove halfway through the block of wood to hold the phone nicely. Make the groove wider by running the board through the saw around four times.


Step four: Angle your groove

You want your phone to lean back slightly in its hold. To do this, cut a slight angle into the groove until it looks about right for your liking.


Step five: Smooth your groove

Use sandpaper or steel wool to smooth your DIY wooden phone stand in preparation for some good-quality timber care.


Step six: The finishing touches

It’s all well and good to make a DIY wooden phone stand, but you also need to ensure its durability. Your DIY phone stands deserves nothing but the best timber care products on the market.

Bondall’s Monocel range has all the premium products to care for your timber DIY projects, including:

  • Varnishing,
  • Staining,
  • Sealing,
  • Coating, or
  • Protecting.


Preserve the quality of colour and texture to your DIY phone stand with high-performance and easy to use timber care products.

There’s little more satisfying than creating something with our own hands. A relatively modern, fun and easy project, a DIY wooden phone stand is a savvy little fixture to add to your workspace.

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