Kitchen Ideas That Will Shake Things up for Summer

Your outdoor entertaining area and barbeque isn’t the only area getting busy in the summer. Where are all the crockery and utensils stored? The cold drinks and delicious sides being prepared?

The kitchen, that’s where!

If you think your kitchen isn’t quite prepared for the upcoming silly season, here’s some fresh and funky, yet simple kitchen ideas to shake it up this Summer. 

Organise your pantry

A pantry is often the quickest and often most common kitchen area to get disorganised. Out of sight means out of mind, right? If you’re always struggling to find the pasta sauce, or Tupperware containers come falling out, it’s time to organise your pantry.

Here’s four steps to organise your pantry:

  1.  Remove everything from your pantry and throw out goods that have expired. Group everything into categories, like all tinned food together, oils, sauces, baking goods, etc.
  2. Clean inside, and I mean really clean…and then let dry.
  3. Place everything back inside your pantry in their categories and with strategic placement. Go-to items at eye level (pasta sauces, pasta, rice, cereals), baking items and treats up the top and small appliances on the bottom shelves.
  4. Admire your work and repeat this process every six months or when necessary.


Add value to your windows

Summer sunshine is here and that means brightness outdoors. If you’re wanting summer entertaining at yours, you’ll want to capitalise on how gorgeous it will be outside.

It’s time to clean your windows! Let the light shine through this summer.

Clean, transparent windows will add light and fun, summer vibe to your kitchen. Let’s not forget how much the summer sun can show up dirt. On a cool day, before the heat arrives, clean your kitchen windows so the cleaning solution doesn’t dry up and leave unsightly streaks.

If you want to take things up a notch, you could add bay windows in your kitchen as a gateway to outdoor entertaining. You won’t miss out on the action anymore when you’re in the kitchen and your guests are outside.

Get some kitchen bay window inspiration, and the right kitchen home improvement products to help you. 


Minimalist kitchen designs

In today’s interior and design world, less is more. So now is the perfect time to say goodbye to your kitchen clutter and hello to a minimalist kitchen.

An easy way to do this is through:

  • A big and ruthless kitchen cleanout, and
  • If it’s not always in use, put it away.

Minimalist kitchen storage solutions are very popular, and rightly so. Follow this advice for your summer kitchen shake-up:

  • Clean – food/liquid stains, spice drawers, bin liners and anything that’s not gleaming.
  • Declutter – Goodbye expired, broken or never-used products!
  • Simplify – Do you really need three toasters and five sieves?


Shake up your kitchen this summer with these kitchen home improvement ideas. Simple decluttering and cleaning or complete cleanouts and additions will make wonders. For upcoming summer home festivities, freshen up your kitchen with the right inspiration and the best home improvement products for your kitchen.

Are you wanting to revamp your kitchen? Contact Bondall today for advice and products for all your home improvement needs.