How to refresh entrance tiles

DIY specialist and renovator Natasha Dickins from Little Red Industries shows how to spruce up an entryway for street appeal.

These outdoor tiles were in good condition, but the grout needed a refresh. So I decided to a get stuck into them with a simple ‘clean, coat and seal’ process using the best Bondall products for the job.

The spacing between the tiles allows for a new layer of grout 3-4mm thick, just enough for a smooth finish.


While the actual DIY takes just a couple of hours, plan this project over a long weekend to allow for thorough drying times.

I scrubbed off old paint spills using Bondall Waterbased Paint & Varnish Stripper with a scourer…

… then spritzed all over with Betta Tilecare Tile & Grout Cleaner, leaving it to work it’s magic for a couple of minutes.

While the cleaning solution was still wet, I rinsed it away with a Fern Water Jet Power Washer, which simply clips onto the hose, providing enough pressure to clean without damaging the surface.

I used a pre-mixed grout solution, applying it with a small rubber trowel, pressing it into the spaces between the tiles in a diagonal motion, removing the excess as I went along.

Working in sections meant I could leave each for about 15 minutes before wiping the tiles clean, being careful not to press on any still-damp grout. When the re-grouting was done, I used a clean sponge to remove the haze that appears on the tiles as it dries.

To seal the tiles and protect the grout from discolouring I used a mini roller to apply Betta Tilecare Tile & Grout Sealer, working in sections to apply one coat, then repeating to apply the second while the area was still wet. 

The entire surface took less than an hour to completely seal and dry for a lovely silky, non-slip finish that will stay looking good.

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