How to Boost Home Storage with Custom Joinery

Houses are getting smaller, but we’re acquiring more ‘stuff’. So, what can you do to create more storage in your home?

You can either hire an artisan joiner who knows their craft well or you can learn the tricks of the trade yourself. Smart design choices will get your storage sorted in your own home and save you having to fork out for an external storage unit.

Customised Joinery in the Kitchen

It makes sense to want more space to create culinary delights in your kitchen. Closed cupboards create a calm space; whereas open shelves add personality. Choose your kitchen storage designs to fit your personality and the needs of your family.

With the addition of a full-height kitchen cupboard with power points and shelves, you’ve got yourself a mini butler’s pantry. This new space is ideal for storing crockery, spices and small kitchen appliances.

Get the party started by installing feature joinery. A hidden home bar is ideal for entertaining friends or a romantic night in.

Study nook and seat storage

For those who work from home or are studying, there’s no need to buy a desk. Why not install a built-in study nook instead? These nifty little nooks work nicely on the side of a kitchen, bedroom, living area or even a wardrobe.

Take in the outdoor views from a built-in window seat. What’s even better? A window seat with storage drawers underneath. Store everything from books, blankets and toys underneath these custom-made seats and your guests will be none the wiser. 

Hidden storage throughout the house

Hanging your TV keeps it out of the way. Now you’re free to use the TV unit it once sat on, for other items like photo frames or coffee table reading.

If installing shelves and bookshelves, consider using the full height of the wall. With more shelves comes more storage, and more storage means less clutter.

Also, pegboards are great in entrance halls or hallways for coats, jackets, keys, bags, hats…even bikes!

The tools you’ll need

With fifty years of providing building and renovation solutions, you can trust Bondall for your DIY storage projects. Our range of products like Bondcrete, a wood adhesive, and Monocel varnishes will help your home storage solutions and custom joinery expectations come to life.

Environmentally and user friendly – the way building products should be, you’re guaranteed Australian products, made to last.

We love our stuff, but we love clever home storage solutions more. These custom joinery ideas will make your home storage accessible, stylish and concealed.