Great ways to decorate with plants

There are various ways to incorporate plants in your home as part of your interior design.

Choose easy to grow plants
Choosing a plant that is suitable for indoors will help to ensure you have indoor plants that look great. Devil’s Ivy, peace lily and the Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) are great options. Cyclamen, with their bright beautiful flowers, is always a popular choice for adding colour to the bathroom or laundry areas.

Group plants together
A group of pots together can look absolutely striking, either in pots of different heights and sizes or on a multi-tiered pot stand (just ensure you choose an area of the house with the ideal light and conditions for your choice of indoor plant). A common plant design rule is to group plants or pots together in odd numbers.

If you don’t have room for multiple pots, you can still get the wow factor of multiple plants within one large pot. Start with taller plants at the back of the pot, and plant out the front with smaller or cascading plants. Staff at your garden centre will be able to point you in the right direction of plants that will grow well together.

Tip: Sealing your pots, using a quality product such as Bondall Pot and Ornament Sealer will waterproof the pot and help resist algal and fungal growth.

Create a kitchen herb garden
Do you have a windowsill near or in your kitchen? If you do, you have the ideal opportunity to create your own mini indoor herb garden, so you have your favourite fresh herbs at your fingertips when you are cooking.

Add some fun!
Even if you don’t choose flowering plants, you can still add some colour to your plant display by choosing a brightly coloured or patterned pot and by adding fun pot plant ornaments and decorations.