Feature Wall Inspiration

During the wet and cold months it can be difficult to get stuck into outdoor projects, so it is the perfect time to make some changes indoors. A feature wall is a relatively small project that can create a big impact. Consider some of these great ideas:

Painted beauty

A painted feature wall is easy to do and there are so many options, depending on the style you are waiting to create. A painted feature wall is a great way to add a pop of block colour. Consider choosing a colour for your feature wall from your bedspread if in a bedroom, or the cushions or a piece of art in your living area.

If a painted feature wall is your preference, you don’t have to stick to a block colour. Consider creating a pattern, such as stripes, or look into other options such as textured paints.

The great thing about painted feature walls is they are easy to do as a DIY project, and can be easily updated.

Tip: When you are cleaning up after your painting project, try Bondall Waterbased Turps to make your brush and roller clean-up easy.

Practical chalkboard

A chalkboard feature wall is a wow feature in your home, but it is also very practical. Perhaps a chalkboard feature wall would be great in your home office for when you are brainstorming a project. Or it can be a fun feature in the playroom – this is a wall you will be encouraging the kids to draw on!

Wow wallpaper 

The range of wallpaper available is amazing – with something to suit every person’s style. From textured with understated tones to something bright and bold, wallpaper is easy to install and is a great option for a feature wall.

Timber panel

A timber panelling feature wall is very in right now and for good reason – it is striking and adds a touch of luxury to your home. Get in an expert or there are DIY product options to help you achieve this look yourself.