Easy ways to freshen up your outdoor furniture with little effort

Although loved during the warmer months, our outdoor furniture can often look a bit tired throughout the rest of the year, after months of being outdoors and exposed to the harsh sun, wind and rain. Luckily, it is easy to freshen up your outdoor furniture before your next get-together – and it doesn’t take much effort or expense.

Clean up
Outdoor furniture needs more than the occasional squirt with the hose when you are watering your pot plants to keep clean and in good condition. Like your indoor furniture, outdoor furniture can get dusty, but it is also likely to attract dirt and spider webs. A good scrub can really make a difference.

Do a fresh stain
If your timber furniture is looking faded and tired, then a fresh stain is a great way to instantly give it a new lease on life. The Bondall Monocel Stain and Varnish 300g Aerosol is a handy product to try, as it is a combined stain and varnish for timber furniture and being an aerosol means it is so easy to use.

Once you have gone to the effort of applying a fresh stain, ensure you take care of your furniture properly. Using high-quality furniture oil, such as Bondall Monocel Furniture Oil, regularly will help preserve the look of your timber furniture and will help protect your furniture from UV light exposure, so your outdoor timber furniture will look better for longer.

Refresh the fabric
If your outdoor chairs have any fabric, the fabric can often be the first part of the chair to show weather damage – with sun-fade or mould. Replacing the covers with a durable outdoor fabric can quickly and easily give new life to your outdoor furniture.

Don’t forget to accessorise! Colourful or patterned cushions (in an outdoor-suitable, durable fabric) can be regularly changed up to suit your décor.

Adding decorations to your outdoor table and dining area can also help add some interest to your outdoor space. A bowl filled with succulents can be a great centrepiece for your outdoor table that isn’t high maintenance and will look good year-round. If any ornaments, pots, outdoor furniture or other outdoor surfaces are looking dirty, cleaning them with Bondall’s Outdoor Care Pot and Ornament Cleaner will make a big difference to your outdoor area.