Easy DIY jobs you can do yourself

Although some home repairs (such as electrical work) are always best left to the professionals, there are some jobs you can do yourself with our easy DIY tips.

Repair a flyscreen
Holes in a door or window’s flyscreen not only look messy but can let pesky flies or mosquitoes into your home. Luckily, flyscreen repair kits are readily available, or you can easily replace the damaged screen by removing the damaged flyscreen from the frame and installing new mesh using a spline roller to push the new mesh into the frame.

Fix a squeaky door
A squeaky door or shower screen can be frustrating, but there is a simple DIY tip that could easily solve this problem – a lubricant such as Ballistol – on the hinges. A suitable lubricant can also be handy on sticky locks or sliding doors or windows.

Fix knocks and dents in the walls
If you have been moving furniture around, it is likely you have a few accidental dents, small holes or scratches in the walls, but this is an easy home repair you can do yourself – simply use an appropriate filler, do a light sand and give a fresh coat of paint. Easy!

Sand your timber floors
Sanding your timber floors can give scratched and worn floors new life!  You can hire an appropriate sander for the job from your hardware store (and they can give you advice on how to use it properly). Once the sanding is complete, seal the floor with a good quality sealer.

Fix leaky taps
Most plumbing work can be carried out by a professional, but you can replace a tap washer yourself if your tap is leaking. There are simple DIY tips and easy DIY videos you will find online showing you how to do this. Not only will this stop the annoyance of a noisy, leaky tap, but it will also save water.

Top DIY tip: No matter what DIY home repair you are tackling, ensure you do it safely by using the recommended safety equipment (such as safety glasses) and follow instructions on any product you use carefully.