All You Need To Know About Hardwood Floors

All You Need To Know About Hardwood Floors

November 6, 2020

Choosing hardwood flooring for your home sounds like an exciting task, especially when compared to other aspects of renovation. It can be fun, but only if you get your facts straight and take all the necessary factors into consideration, like size, type of wood or cost.  Which one works best for your home? Let’s have a look at the different options and help you answer that question!

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Out with the old and in with the new: 3 Ways to revamp an old kitchen

June 21, 2020

Your kitchen is often the lifeblood of your house – its where our fave comfort meals are created; meaningful conversations are had, and quality time with loved ones are shared. It makes sense that you want your kitchen to be a stylish, functional centre point of your home. And often when you get into a new place, an outdated kitchen is the first thing you want to rip out and replace. You could end up spending thousands in renovations, but depending on how dated things are, some simple updates may make all the difference. Read on to find out the latest from Bondall for the best DIY methods and products to revamp your old kitchen.

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Make a DIY Wooden Phone Stand in 6 easy steps

June 10, 2020

Phone stands are a handy little fixture for your workspace. This cute work-of-art keeps your phone out of reach when you’re hard at work, but still remains visible and in its own designated area. This stand also comes in handy if you need to make a video call, charge your phone, or just like to keep your desk space looking tidy and cute. Today we share how to create your very own wooden phone stand with the best DIY products. Thanks to DIY expert Kirstie Lynn for the inspo! You can check out her full instructions here.

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3 DIY Inspirations for building a wooden standing desk

May 28, 2020

A ‘desk job’ no longer means you have to sit while you work. Many people are choosing a standing desk for their workspace to improve productivity and mood, while potentially cutting down on obesity, back pain and other health issues. So, are you considering joining the standing revolution? With these nifty DIY tips, and the best DIY products – you’ll be taking a stand in no time. Read on to see how Bondall can help you build your very own wooden standing desk with these three design inspirations.

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Fabric Door Renovation and Makeover

May 21, 2020

DIY specialist and professional furniture expert Natasha Dickens from Little Red Industries returns with another fab DIY project to breathe new life into your home interiors – this time bringing us a simple fabric door reno.  Transforming an everyday, functional part of your home into a showcase for art and pattern is a great way to brighten up a space and give an average bedroom entry a point of interest. This project is fun and very simple. It uses fabric and a new sealing technique I designed with Bondall’s Monocel Water-based Varnish – a bit similar to the retro concept of decoupage with that classic formula called Mod Podge. 

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7 Floating Shelves That Will Inspire You to Make Your Own

April 10, 2020

Floating shelves are not the work of the wizarding world – they’re popular storage solutions for your home. Working well in minimalist designs, these shelves create clean lines for contemporary living. Read on for attractive floating shelves ideas that will inspire you to make your own.  

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Bathroom Makeover Challenge Part 5: Make a Unique Timber Curtain Rail

March 20, 2020

DIY specialist and professional renovator Natasha Dickins from Little Red Industries is back with part five in her Bathroom Makeover Challenge. Read on to discover how she updated the outdated shower screen.

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Choosing (or even making) a Dining Table you’ll love forever

March 10, 2020

Great food is enjoyed at dining tables, many conversations, laughs and memories are to be had sitting at them – A dining table is the hidden gem of the home. That’s why you should choose (or even make) a dining table that you’ll love and will serve you, forevermore. How can you choose (or make) a dining table that will evolve with your style throughout the ages? Read more to find out how. 

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Bathroom Makeover Challenge Part 4: Install a Recessed Shelf

February 20, 2020

Returning with the fourth part of her Bathroom Makeover Challenge is DIY expert and professional furniture maker Natasha Dickens of Little Red Industries. In this post, Natasha takes us through how to install a functional and stylish recessed shelf.

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Kitchen Ideas That Will Shake Things up for Summer

February 10, 2020

Your outdoor entertaining area and barbeque isn’t the only area getting busy in the summer. Where are all the crockery and utensils stored? The cold drinks and delicious sides being prepared? The kitchen, that’s where! If you think your kitchen isn’t quite prepared for the upcoming silly season, here’s some fresh and funky, yet simple kitchen ideas to shake it up this Summer. 

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