Choosing (or even making) a Dining Table you’ll love forever

Great food is enjoyed at dining tables, many conversations, laughs and memories are to be had sitting at them – A dining table is the hidden gem of the home. That’s why you should choose (or even make) a dining table that you’ll love and will serve you, forevermore.

How can you choose (or make) a dining table that will evolve with your style throughout the ages?

Read more to find out how. 

Factor in your lifestyle

Are you single, living with a partner, married with kids, or downsizing? No – these are not intrusive questions, but rather lifestyle and living arrangements you should factor into your dining table decisions.

Do you want a dining table that will fit everyone in once-off or regular family gatherings? If so, you’ll need a dining table with plenty of room and seating to easily fit everyone.

Perhaps you’re in an apartment and have limited space for a big dining table. If this is the case, then a round shape is best, with smart seating that can be stored underneath to maximise the space.


Choose a timeless dining table design

Now it’s time to consider the design on your dining table. Future functionality is one thing, but a timeless design for your dining table will guarantee you’ll love it forever.

The dining table design will ultimately influence the overall feel and look of your dining space, even more so if you have open plan living. So, instead of going bold with furniture trends that will last 10 years at best, definitely consider timeless beauty. After all, classic designs are timeless for a reason.

Examples include:

  • Simple lines,
  • Neutral colours, and
  • Flexible to be adapted over time.

Don’t be chained to fleeting trends. Unassuming beauty will give you freedom to transform your style over the years. Stick to a timeless dining table, made from good-quality materials.


Quality and functionality

While your dining table should definitely look good, it should also be made with quality materials for longevity and functionality. High quality materials such as solid oak is fantastic for durability.

Also, try for ethically sourced materials to support regeneration and protection of native fauna.

Invest in a dining table made of sustainable, gorgeous and quality materials, and you’ll have a dining table to last the test of time, and one you’ll love to entertain around.


Make your own dining table

Now you know what to be mindful of when choosing a dining room table – why not have a go at making your own?

What you’ll need:

  • Table saw (and accessories),
  • Doweling jig,
  • Chisels and coping saw,
  • Bondall Bondcrete, and
  • Monocel’s range of timber care products.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build your own dining table. For the right products to help, contact Bondall to see our range of adhesives, wood stains, varnishes and many more.


A dining table is not just a piece of furniture, it’s where moments and memories are made. When it comes to choosing one, remember your lifestyle needs, design, quality and functionality. If you’re making one, use the right supplies to help you create a functional, beautiful dining table masterpiece.

Want to know more about crafting a dining table? Contact Bondall today for DIY help and our trusted range of home improvement products.