Cheap and easy home improvement ideas

Even with a small budget, there are lots of easy home improvement ideas you can do at your house. Check out these home improvement DIY options!

Spick and span
Giving your house a good clean is an affordable task you can do that will make a huge difference to how your house looks and feels. Tasks that can really make an impact include washing the windows, tackling dirty or mouldy grout in the bathrooms and cleaning the carpets (if you don’t want to get the professionals in, DIY carpet cleaners are available for hire). 

Oil the deck
A well looked after deck adds so much appeal to your outdoor area, so putting a little care into its maintenance really does make a difference to your home. Bondall Monocel Decking Oil will help protect your timber deck from the harsh exterior conditions.

Add some lights
Adding outdoor lighting looks great and can increase a home’s safety and security. Solar options are affordable, effective and eliminate the need for an electrician, making it an easy home improvement idea that you can do yourself.

A lick of paint
A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to any room of the house. So long as you purchase some good quality brushes and clean-up products (such as Bondall Waterbased Turps to clean your brushes and rollers), a DIY home improvement painting job will not be headache.

Increase your storage
No matter how big your home is, adding additional storage is a DIY home improvement idea that will always be handy. You could add a wine rack to your kitchen, pull out shelves to access hard-to-reach cupboards or open shelving on a plain wall to display special trinkets or books.

Change some fittings
If you have worn-looking door handles or mismatched cupboard handles, they can be replaced quickly and cheaply. It is a small job that can really make a difference.