Bondall Pot Sealer

Bondall Pot Sealer is the ideal choice for sealing plant pots and garden ornaments. It will seal, bind, protect and waterproof most pot surfaces while still retaining a clear natural look. Bondall Pot & Ornament Sealer increases surface hardness, reduces staining and soiling, resists algal and fungal growth, and offers outstanding exterior durability.

Pot Sealer
Available sizes: 750ml


Surface should be thoroughly clean, as any stains will become more apparent once sealed.

Soiling, grease and oil stains can be removed using Bondall’s environmentally friendly Pot & Ornament Cleaner.


Shake container before use.

Hold nozzle approximately 300mm from surface.

Apply the first coat neat and evenly. Proper penetration of the first coat is very important.


May be recoated in no less than 4 hours at 25° C. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours before filling with soil etc. Drying times are a guide only. Longer drying times may be required under cooler or humid conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Seals, binds, protects and waterproofs.
  • Perfect for most vertical masonry surfaces.
  • Provides a clear natural finish.
  • Increases surfaces hardness.
  • Prevents staining and soiling.
  • Resists algal and fungal growth.
  • Very durable.

Ideal For

  • Outdoor Pots and Ornaments

Areas Of Use

Areas Of Use
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Areas Of Use_3


Waterproofing Level

Durability of Coating

Coverage: 750ml Bottle = approx. 4m2
Apply: Min 2 Coats
Drying Time: 4 hours between coats, 48 hours before use.


This product is not designed to be used as a waterproofer for a water holding vessel e.g. a pot to be used as a pond for fish etc. and is not suitable for glazed surfaces.


  • Always test on a small inconspicuous area, to ensure the product achieves the desired result, prior to applying to the entire area.
  • If running occurs, wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Over application will result in the surface becoming glossy or a milky film may occur from trapped moisture. May darken some surfaces.
  • Care should be taken to apply evenly and not too heavily on pitted surfaces.
  • Bore & rust stains, efflorescence stains and moss & mould growth should be treated prior to sealing.
  • Low sheen finish but could increase from substrate to substrate.

Clean - Up

Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3!