Bondall BOG - Builders Filler

Bondall BOG - Builders Filler is a multi-purpose 2 part gap filler and adhesive for builders and trades people. Bondall Builders Filler provides a low cost way to fill timber, MDF, architraves, window frames, sashes, skirting boards, furniture, steel, fibreglass, concrete, brick, plasterboard and metal.

It is easy to mix, rapidly sets and is sandable in 15 minutes. It is shrink and slump resistant. Can be coloured with cement oxide powders.

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Bondall BOG - Builders Filler

Shape • Drill • Work • Paint

Available sizes: 500g & 1kg


Remove all decaying material (flaking paint, rot, rust, etc) down to dry sound material.

Ensure surface is free from grease, oil, dust etc. Roughen surface with course sandpaper before filling.

Using the applicator, remove an appropriate amount of filler from can and place onto a non-absorbent surface (metal, plastic etc). Replace lid. Knead tube of hardener to mix and then remove cap. Squeeze hardener from tube onto filler. The mixture should consist of 50 parts filler to 1 part hardener (or 2%). A golf ball size of filler will require a bead of hardener about 2.5 centimetres in length.


Mix the 2 parts with the applicator, by wiping and pressing down on the filler until the hardener is thoroughly mixed and a uniform colour is achieved.

When mixed correctly the colour should be similar to the colour of the applicator. Once correctly mixed, working time will be 4-6 minutes depending upon climatic conditions. Longer in cooler temperatures and shorter in warmer temperatures.

Apply filler with applicator by pressing it into surface and smoothing it over to remove all air pockets, slightly overfill to allow sanding back. Shape according to requirements and allow to set.


After 15-20 minutes the filler is ready to sand, cut, file, or chisel.

Sand and dust down surface.

After 30 minutes the filler can be primed and painted with either oil or water based paints.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to mix
  • Rapidly sets and is sandable in 15 minutes
  • Shrink and slump resistant
  • Can be coloured with cement oxide powders

Ideal For

  • Timber
  • MDF
  • Concrete
  • Brick




  • Prime exposed nail/screw heads with an appropriate sealer or primer prior to filling to minimise corrosion.
  • Bondall Builders Fillers can be drilled and tapped provided the depth of the filler is at least equal to that of the screw or plug.
  • Drill a pilot hole before inserting screw.

Clean - Up

Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3!