Ballistol For Engines

Ideal for winterising boat, motorcycle and lawn mower motors. Cleans silver & brass. Maintains chrome plated parts.

Water in the carburettor constitutes the same problem as water in the fuel tank. Spray Ballistol into the carburettor, it will emulsify with the water, allowing the water to mix with the fuel and burn clean away.

Whenever an engine is exposed to a change from a higher to lower temperature, normally when a motor cools down from its operating temperature to environmental temperature, condensation water forms inside a motor. This condensation water dissolves the acidic residues from fuel combustion inside the motor, forming acids. It is these acids which can destroy a motor. In order to neutralize them an oil must meet two requirements: it must be alkaline and it must be emulsifiable with water. Ballistol meets both requirements.

When winterizing any motor, remove the spark plugs, fill approximately 1-2 fluid ounces of Ballistol into the openings and tap with a clean piece of Ballistol soaked cotton cloth. This will help keep your motor clean. When you re-start the motor, the Ballistol contained in the cylinders will burn away with residues and may produce white exhaust fumes for a short period of time.

Substances such as battery fluid are very corrosive agents. If it spills it can damage contacts, cables and other exposed metallic parts. Even its vapors can corrode electric connections located near a battery. Ballistol will neutralize acid spills chemically and protect contacts and cables.