7 Floating Shelves That Will Inspire You to Make Your Own

Floating shelves are not the work of the wizarding world – they’re popular storage solutions for your home. Working well in minimalist designs, these shelves create clean lines for contemporary living. Read on for attractive floating shelves ideas that will inspire you to make your own.


1. The corner bookshelf

Modern home libraries don’t need too much space with all the high-tech gadgets. However, floating shelves make for great storage for libraries – this is what you can store:

  • Books, duh!
  • Photo frames,
  • Token boxes,
  • Candles, etc

In a hallway, a room centrepiece, or hugging the corner of a room, bookshelf floating shelves are a must-have addition to your home.


2. The rustic kitchen helper

Here is a display of warm, walnut shelves against a white kitchen background. The addition of floating shelves, particularly their positioning and colouring, create a relaxed, country-style homestead kitchen look.

With these shelves, your plates, bowls, chopping boards and other kitchen items are on display, but out of the way. 


3. The office organiser

Whether you work from home, study from home or you’re writing the next bestseller – you’ll need an organised home office. Office desks are no longer necessary.

Easy-to-install floating shelves will serve you as an office space, keeping your home office neat, organised and together in the one dedicated spot.


4.  The wardrobe shoe shelf

For the shoe lover, here’s one for you. Rummaging around on your hands and feet looking for the perfect pair isn’t fun. Installing floating shelves in your wardrobe, however, will have your luxuries on display, easily accessible, and colour coordinated if that’s what you’re into.

We love a bit of organisation in our lives, and we love the right home improvement products, like Bondcrete to get us organised.


5. The entertainment show

Modern home entertainment displays are increasingly minimalist in design. The focus is the T.V. so the surroundings should be clean, discreet and contemporary.

Unlike these other inspiration ideas, have your T.V. on display, and everything else hidden. A floating shelf is great for an elevated T.V. to consider putting DVDs, CDs, remotes and cables away in drawers underneath the floating shelves.


6.  The green-thumb exhibit 

Semi-circle floating shelves are lovely to exhibit house plants. Turn a bare wall into a green-thumb display for a gorgeous, green and healthy home addition. These wooden planter shelves work great for:

  • Small potted house plants,
  • Flower vases, and
  • Ornaments.


7. The minimalist bar

Who needs a bar when you have a handy wine or bar set up? Ideal for apartments and smaller homes, this addition is perfect for the entertainer. Store these in your minimalist bar:

  • Wine and Spirits,
  • Martini, champagne glasses, schooners and snifters, etc.
  • Your best Cocktail shaker and recipe book(s).

Choose your colours, style, materials and display items. One thing’s for sure, drinks are at yours when you have a floating shelf bar.

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