5 ways to add interest to your outdoor space with pots and ornaments

If you think adding some potted plants will make your garden look like your grandmother’s, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many ways to add interest to your garden with some clever use of pots and ornaments.

Fairy garden
They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this is definitely the case if you have some large broken pots around. Adding some climbing plants, succulents that don’t require much soil, pebbles or coloured stones and some well-placed fairy statues, you can turn a broken pot into an enchanting miniature fairy garden. Make sure you seal the fairy statues with Bondall Pot and Ornament Sealer to increase their external durability (the aerosol product will be easy to use on ornaments) and you’ll have a garden feature that will delight both young and old. Broken terracotta pots look amazing for this project.

House number pot
Adding your house number to a pot near your front door not only looks great but is very useful. Planting bright flowers or plants with colourful foliage will add to the welcoming charm of the potted plant, because it will be one of the first things your guests see when they arrive at your front door.

Chalkboard pots
If you have kids who aren’t very interested in gardening, paint some pots with chalkboard paint and get the kids to draw their own masterpieces. Chalkboard pots aren’t just for the kids though – it is a great idea to keep track of your planted herbs by writing the herb names on the pots.

The old wheelbarrow
If you have an old wheelbarrow that is a bit rusty with tyres that no longer pump up very well or another old but interesting container in the garden, don’t throw it out –recycle it as a unique pot.

Clean the old wheelbarrow or other container well with Bondall’s Outdoor Care Pot and Ornament Cleaner, and then seal with Bondall Pot and Ornament Sealer (check the instructions to see if the products are suitable for your chosen container). Fill with good quality soil and plant out the container with colourful flowers.

Interesting ornaments
Even at times throughout the year when your plants might not be in their best seasonal bloom, adding some well-chosen ornaments to pot plants will add interest or colour year-round. Good garden centres will stock a range of ornaments for the garden, from birds and frogs to angels and fairies – but when you find an ornament you love, ensure you seal it with a good quality sealer, such as Bondall Pot and Ornament Sealer, to extend its durability out in the elements and to reduce staining and algal growth.