5 Interesting Ways to Use Tiles in the Home

Tiles are a good-looking, hardy and water-resistant building material. But all too often, they’re only used in the bathroom and the kitchen floor! While these places are of course ideal spots to tile, they are not the only ways tile can be used. Check out these ideas for interesting ways to use tile in the home.

Staircase Risers

Usually the risers, or vertical sections between each stair, are designed simply. They may be made of wood, or out of whatever the stairs themselves are constructed.

Using tiles here is not often done, but has several advantages. Tiles are durable and can withstand being kicked and smudged by shoes. The water resistant nature of a tile also makes it easy to clean if mud or scuffs do build up over time.


Got a fireplace in the family room? Whether it’s still functional or not, tile can make it look great and protect it. Resurfacing the fireplace surrounds with white or slate gray tile will turn your fireplace into the 21st century. Choosing patterns or bold colours can transform it into a design piece.


Let’s not forget the furniture! Small tiles or bits of leftover tile from a flooring project can be used to strengthen and brighten up tabletops. Create a colorful mosaic. Create a conversation piece. Give an old table a second life.

Entryway Floors

Tile is an incredibly weather resistant option for a porch or entryway floor. Patterned tiles, in addition to being easy to clean, can hide the dirt and scuff marks that result from heavy foot traffic.

Entryway Walls

Tiled walls in an entryway can create a striking appearance, setting it apart from the rest of the house and defending against the shoes, shoulders and corners of furniture that often move through this part of the home.

Using tile here can look modern and gutsy – or refined and even understated depending on choice of colour and pattern.

Happy Tiling!

Good luck with your tiling, and may all your grout lines come out straight!

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