5 easy ways to freshen up your home’s front doorway

5 easy ways to freshen up your home’s front doorway

If you are looking at an easy house project that creates impact, then freshening up the front doorway area is a great idea. After all, first impressions count!

Spick and span An easy and affordable way to freshen up your front doorway and increase your home’s street appeal is with a simple clean. Have you noticed how easily dust, dirt and cobwebs can accumulate by the front door? Give everything a good sweep and wash down, and take care of any weeding if you have garden beds near the doorway.

Paint the door

A lick of paint is an easy way to freshen things up. If you are hoping to create some interest, why not choose a bold paint colour to make your door pop? Blue, red, purple or green – you can have some fun with this paint colour choice.

While you have the painting gear out, it is a great opportunity to freshen up the decking with Monocel Decking Oil.

Add lighting 

Don’t forget to carefully consider lighting around your front doorway. It is great for security, safety, function and of course, style. Solar lighting is a great choice because it is an affordable option and you don’t need an electrician.

Style with plants 

A plant in a large pot near the front door can add colour, height, texture and interest to a front doorway. If you aren’t a green thumb, consider succulent varieties that don’t need much love to thrive – or look at good quality artificial options.

Style the doorway

Although the front doorway is not a large area, you can still inject some personality with some fun or stylish accessories. Search for a door knocker, doorbell or wreath for the door, and don’t forget a fun doormat, which can be both functional and stylish.

Tip:  If you have the room, consider a bench seat or small table and chairs near the doorway. Some seating near your front door can be very functional, but it also gives you the chance to further accessorise by adding some luxe or colourful cushions.