4 ways pots can create a beautiful garden even in a small space

It doesn’t matter if you only have a small balcony or courtyard – with some good quality pots and the right plants you can have a beautiful garden display with limited space.

A kitchen garden
A great thing about having a large garden is the ability to have a vegetable patch, with the wonderful advantage about being able to enjoy fresh produce straight from the garden to your plate. However, even tiny apartments can reap the advantages of home-grown produce by growing herbs, Many herbs thrive in pots (some are even preferred to grow in pots, such as mint, which can typically grow aggressively if planted in the garden, so is best contained. Parsley, rosemary, chives and basil are also great herbs to grow in pots in the right position, such as a sunny window sill, balcony or deck. Pots painted with chalkboard paint so you can write the herb on the pot is a great way to not mix up your herbs. If you have some room on a balcony, a hanging basket is the perfect way to grow fresh strawberries.

A bonsai
What better way to bring the outdoors in than with a miniature tree? There is a reason bonsai are so popular – one that is well cared for looks truly special and can be pruned and trained into various shapes so some look like pieces of art. Some bonsai pots can also be quite decorative so add additional interest.

Succulent display
As a general rule, succulents have quite shallow root systems, so they can be planted in small pots and containers. They also don’t need much water, so they are the perfect choice for someone that wants a plant display but doesn’t always remember to water and take care of their plants. Depending on the pot or container you want to use, succulents are available in very bright colours and can vary greatly in terms of size and growing pattern.

Great heights
You might be short on space but some smart planting in a beautiful pot in the corner of a balcony can look striking simply by adding some height. Potting a standard rose or topiary can look great, or for a similar effect on a smaller scale, long plants like Mother in Law’s Tongue, along with smaller plants around the bottom, can give a sculptural feel.

Pot care
Regardless of what you choose to plant, it is important that you choose the right pot for the plant you are planting. Prior to planting, clean the pot with Bodall Outdoor Care Pot and Ornament Cleaner, before sealing with Bondall Pot and Ornament Sealer to resist staining and soiling, and to resist algal and fungal growth. Once the pot is clean and sealed, ensure you choose a high quality soil – and you’re ready to plant.