3 DIY Inspirations for building a wooden standing desk

A ‘desk job’ no longer means you have to sit while you work. Many people are choosing a standing desk for their workspace to improve productivity and mood, while potentially cutting down on obesity, back pain and other health issues.

So, are you considering joining the standing revolution?

With these nifty DIY tips, and the best DIY products – you’ll be taking a stand in no time. Read on to see how Bondall can help you build your very own wooden standing desk with these three design inspirations.

Minimalist wooden standing desk

Wanting a modern working space with a minimalist, classic design? Look no further than a wood standing desk with metal legs.

What you’ll need to make a classic wooden standing desk:

  • Wooden table-top (timber is gorgeous and timeless)
  •  Timber care
  • 4 x industrial-chic steel legs
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Nuts and bolts

Check out more from the Building our Rez DIY décor blog for the complete materials list and DIY how-to guide.

Sit-and-stand tabletop standing desk

Perhaps you don’t want to commit to a full-on standing desk but would rather the option to sit or stand when working. You can do both with an easy tabletop extension and some DIY work.

As a removable add on to your current desk, decide how high you want the keyboard and monitor to be. The best placement for a keyboard shelf is right below your elbows, with your monitor 20-30 inches away from your face and almost at eye level.

With a cardboard cut-out for dimension planning, use as a template to get the best results for your tabletop wooden standing desk measurements.

Stand and sit while working with this easy DIY project.

Check out the blog post from A Beautiful Mess for the complete DIY process to creating a cheap and adaptable standing desk extension.

Space-saving wooden standing desk

It’s hard finding room for a desk in a small space. A good strategy to save valuable space is to remove items and objects from the floor – including table legs!

Instead of the stand-alone standing desk, why not opt for a slim desk space that’s hung on the wall?

What you’ll need for an in-built standing desk:

  • Heavy-duty shelf brackets
  • Desktop surface (hello, timber!)
  • Screws

Check out this blog from Open Soul for your how-to guide on a DIY, space-saving standing desk.

Why build your own standing desk?

It can be a fun and worthwhile process and the results are tailored to your work requirements:

  • Choose the height,
  • Choose the materials,
  • Select the best DIY products, and
  • Get the job done yourself! 

Join the standing revolution and build a DIY wooden standing desk today. This workspace shake-up will actively fight brain fog and stiffness, whilst increasing productivity and mood.

For design inspiration for the professional and amateur DIYer, check out Bondall’s design blog for easy, cost-effective home improvements.

Want to stop sitting and start standing? Contact Bondall today for your one-stop shop for DIY products and expertise to help you make your very own wooden standing desk.