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3 DIY Inspirations for building a wooden standing desk

A ‘desk job’ no longer means you have to sit while you work. Many people are choosing a standing desk for their workspace to improve productivity and mood, while potentially cutting down on obesity, back pain and other health issues. So, are you considering joining the standing revolution? With these nifty DIY tips, and the best DIY products – you’ll be taking a stand in no time. Read on to see how Bondall can help you build your very own wooden standing desk with these three design inspirations.
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Fabric Door Renovation and Makeover

DIY specialist and professional furniture expert Natasha Dickens from Little Red Industries returns with another fab DIY project to breathe new life into your home interiors – this time bringing us a simple fabric door reno.  Transforming an everyday, functional part of your home into a showcase for art and pattern is a great way to brighten up a space and give an average bedroom entry a point of interest. This project is fun and very simple. It uses fabric and a new sealing technique I designed with Bondall’s Monocel Water-based Varnish – a bit similar to the retro concept
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