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Bathroom Makeover Challenge Part 3: Repurpose a Mirror

DIY specialist and professional furniture expert Natasha Dickens from Little Red Industries is back with part 3 of her Bathroom Makeover Challenge. Today she shares how to revamp your existing bathroom mirror with a touch of timber. The one element in a bathroom that doesn’t wear out or become dated is the mirror so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be reused. Adding a custom timber vanity table and changing the original aluminium frame of the mirror to timber adds a handcrafted element. It also helps the large mirror feel warmer and helps tie it into the rest of the refurb.
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Your Ultimate Guide to Timber Stains, Oils and Finishes

Timber is an architectural and aesthetic feature, popular in both home interior and exterior designs. Simply installing timber is not enough, though, as you’ll need to maintain its brilliance with the right timber care products. Read on for Bondall’s ultimate guide to timber stains, oils and finishes for your timber care.
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